Full Digital Multitrack Cart Based and Mobile ENG Production Packages

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Hybrid Compact Bag/Sound Cart:

Small Portable Sound Cart:  This flexible setup is good for Commercials  Independent films, and Multicam Productions.  Recorder can be broken away for portable and trailer work.

  • Sound Devices 888 16 input 20 Track Digital Timecode Recorder

  • Sound Devices CL-12 Mix Surface

  • Choice of top quality Schoeps & Sanken Boom microphones

  • 6 Wideband Digital Radio Mics from Lectrosonics

  • 6 Comtek Personal Monitor receivers with headphones 

  • Sanken & DPA Personal Lav Mic kits with various mounts

  • Antenna Distribution and a pair of Shark Fin Antennas

  • Drama and Short Boom Poles

  • Dual Wireless Boom setups for Steadicam / Gimbal work

  • Boom operator feeds and comms

  • Dual SDI Video Monitors

  • Smart Battery / Main Support

  • Cables and Accessories

  • Sound Grip Package for mic mounts etc.

  • Sound Blankets and carpets for sound dampening

Live TV Comms

  • Wireless Talent IFB (see Above)

  • "Hot Mic" Capabilities for Live host teleprompter work

  • JK Audio Phone Dialers

  • 4 Hardwire Headphone IFB  / Earpiece Amplifiers

  • 10 Audio Implements Earsets

  • Shure IEM headphone for Loud Environment work

  • 1 Advanced Communications Model 35 Pl Dialer w/headse

  • **Custom Designed Cell phone interface cables for IFB and PL Camera Talk back system designed for use with LiveU / TVU Mobile uplink systems**

Additional based on project needs

  • Additional hard wired camera feeds

  • Sound Devices Mix Pre 10 II Timecode recorder (backup / safety)

  • 3 Sennheiser MD46 Stick Mics

  • Addition 2nd matched boom mic for cross interviews

  • 2 Wireless Hops for split track sound on camera

  • Sennheiser wireless scratch hops to camera (cost effective)

  • Denecke timecode lock boxes for up to 5 cameras

  • Denecke timecode smart slate

  • Comteks 

  • Aluminum & C-Stand for booms and sound blankets

Documentary Bag:

Compact full featured Documentary Sound kit built for portable production packed in pelican cases prepared to fly to any location

  • Sound Devices 633/ Mixer & 10 Track Timecode recorder

  • Cabled feed to 2 cameras and SD card Iso track delivery

  • Boom Microphone with interior and exterior wind protection

  • Choice of Schoeps or Sanken Condenser microphones

  • 2 Wideband Digital Radio Mics from Lectrosonics (expandable to 4)

  • Sanken & DPA Personal Lav Mic kits with various mounts

  • Boom Pole

  • Smart Battery & Bag power

  • Cables and Accessories

  • Fully Loaded production sound van with support equipment loaded and ready to go.  Transportation costs and fees apply.​