Full Digital Multitrack Cart Based and Mobile ENG Production Packages

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Sound Cart 

Customizable and Compact Hybrid Bag/Production Minicart with Monitors

Recorder Mixers

Sound Devices 688/SL-6  16 Track Timecode File Based Field Mixer/Recorder with Dugan auto mixing and RF antenna distribution.

Sound Devices 633 10 Track Timecode File Based Mixer/Recorder

Sound DevicesMix Pre 10 II : 12 Track Timecode File based recorder with timecode and Ambisonics for VR productions

Sound DevicesMix Pre 3Ultra Miniature High Quality 5 Track Timecode Recorder


Sound Devices CL-12 Alaia

Linear Fader Controller for the 6-Series Mixer/Recorder Line


Time Code

Denecke GR-1 Master Clock

Denecke TS-C Smart Slate

4 Denecke JB-1 Miniature Sync boxes 

3 Denecke SB-4 Sync Boxes

2 Ambient Nano Ultra miniature Sync boxes

Cabling for:

    Alexa, Amira, Red, Sony, Panasonic, Canon


Boom Poles

K-Tek Custom design 16'5  Carbon Fiber

K-Tek 152 CCR 12'9" Carbon Fiber

K-Tek Avalon 9' Carbon Fiber

PSC 9' Medium Carbon Fiber


Marshall M-Lynx V3.0 7" Dual rack-mount



Wireless (Fully FCC Licensed) 600mhz Compliant

6 Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wideband RX (A1, B1)

6 Lectrosonics Super Miniature Wideband TX (A1,B1)

2 Lectrosonics Wideband Plug on Transmitters (A1, 22)

1 Lectrosonics Digital Camera Hop Transmitter Wideband

2 Lectrosonics M2R IEM/Camera hop Receivers Wideband

1 Sennheiser SK500 Transmitter Aw+ (470-558)

2 Sennheiser G4 EK500 Receivers Aw+ (470-558)

6 Comtek 216 Wireless IFB/Client Monitors

PSC Antenna Distribution for 8 Wireless Channels

2 PWS LPDA High Gain Antennas for long range RF

2 Lectrosonics SNA600 Dipole antennas w/Bag mounts

RF Venue Diversity Antenna System 

IAS Frequency Coordination Software

AIM TTI PSA 2702 Spectrum Analyzer


1 Schoeps CMIT5U Short Shotgun Mic

1 Schoeps Mini CMIT super short shotgun Mic

2 Schoeps CMC6 41 Hyper Cardioid Mics

2 Schoeps GVC Swivels

1 Sennheiser 416 Short Shotgun

1  Sanken CS3-e Short Shotgun

6 DPA 4060 & 4071 Core Lav Mics

8 Sanken COS-11 Lavalier Mics

5 Countryman B-6 Lavalier Mics

3 Sennheiser MD-46 Reporter Microphones

1 Peter Eng Omnigoose Microphone

Rycote Zeppelins, Wind Covers and Shock Mounts

Live TV Comms

Wireless Talent IFB (see Above)

"Hot Mic" Capabilities for Live host teleprompter work

JK Audio Phone Dialers

4 Hardwire Headphone IFB  / Earpiece Amplifiers

10 Audio Implements Earsets

Shure IEM headphone for Loud Environment work

1 Advanced Communications Model 35 Pl Dialer w/headset

**Custom Designed Cell phone interface cables for IFB and PL Camera Talk back system designed for use with LiveU / TVU Mobile uplink systems**

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