Hyundai Pole Position: Next Level Episode

ISMA Racing Doc Series Featuring Team Hyundai

A 7 part Racing Documentary series Featuring The Bryan Herta Racing Team and Hyundai Veloster N Race Car.  We Followed the Team and its 4 drivers thru the 2019 race season as first time racers in the IMSA series and the featured cars.  

Recorded with the Sound Devices 633 and Mix Pre 3, Schoeps Mini CMIT on interviews, Sanken CS3-e in the pits and Sanken Cos-11 Red Mark Lavs.  High Octane and High dB levels mad this an intense one!

Produced by Motor Trend TV,  Robert Dalrymple Productions and DP Harris Done

Ford Hall of Fans Commercial Spot

Terry Bradshaw surprises Steelers Superfan Rick Holman to introduce heim as a finalist for the Fitst Ever ford Hall of Fans Contest.

Recorded with Sound Devices 688 Digital recorder, Lectrosonics Wirless Mics, Denecke Timecode, DPA Lavaliers and Schoeps Booms.   Shot on RED Helium Cameras.

Direct TV NFL Sunday ready: Antonio Brown

Antonio Talks about his game day routine : Game footage from NFL Films

Shot on 2 Canon C-200's.  Sound Recorded on the Sound Devices 633 with a single Schoeps Hypercardioid boom mic for Direct TV!

NBA Cares : Mind Health PSA

NBA super stars Kevin Love and Demar Derozan sit down in this PSA about mental health for NBA CARES

 Shot on 2 Arri Amira's and sound Recorded with Schoeps booms and the Sound Devices 688 Recorder.  Cinematography by Steve Skinner and Dan Freidman.

Baker Mayfield Mic'd Up

Baker Mayfield Mic'd Up against the Alanta Falcons during his 2018 Rookie Season

NFL Films Staff Sound Recordist Paul Flinton and I teamed up with Cinematographers Allen Sandrow and Drew Matyas to record rookie phenom Quarterback Baker Mayfield leading the Cleveland Browns to a remarkable turnaround season!  One of the best wires of the year in my case!

Jeff Daniels Feature "Weekend Today"

Lewis Pro Audio was contacted to record and interview with actor and playwright Jeff Daniels in his hometown of Chelsea, MI.  Recorded on the Sound Devices 688 using Lectrosonics wireless mics and Sanken Cos 11 Lavaliers, timecode provided by Denecke SB-4 Sync boxes. This was filmed by DP's Jared Manders and Scott Winters using a variety of C300's and Canon 5D's.

Produced for Weekend Today Show by Hannah Van Winkle.   

Visa & Fox Sports

Tapping Into the local scene! Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh!  What a town.  I recorded a spot for a series of local flavor for Fox Sports sponsored by Visa!  Filmed on the Red Raven on a Ronin.  Sound Devices 688 and some Denecke Timecode Magic!

American Express Open spot

Catullo Meats Uses American Express Open and FEDEX e-commerce business services

Lewis Pro Audio was contracted by Derby Content to record dialogue for an American Exprexss / FedEX E-Commerce commercial featuring a local business in Youngstown, Ohio.

The Ring is the Thing! 50 Days / 50 Rings

NFL Media

Called upon by NFL Media to record interviews with NFL Hall of Fame Legends, during Hall of Fame week in Canton, OH.  The result 50 Super Bowls, 50 Rings leading up to Super Bowl 50.

ABC's The Chew: Split Pea Soup with Bacon, Ham Hock and Spare Ribs

ABC / Chew Productions

In this segment of the CHEW, Iron Chef Michael Symon makes split pea soup with his Pap at his childhood home.




NFL AD Campaign / NFL Films

Spent the day with NFL Legend Jim Kelly and his family for this NFL Tv spot "Football is Family"



Whelan Everday Champion

NASCAR Productions

Cleveland firefighters returning from a call see another fire in the distance and respond unselfishly, without regard for their own saftey, save the lives of several children trapped in a buning home.  They are awarded the Whelan Eveyday Champion Award.  

Together We Make Football "Tra Sean Lyons"

NBC Today / NFL Films

After suffering a nearly tragic brain injury when he was 14, Lyons was told he would never again be able to walk, let alone participate in football. Tre Sean now coaches his 11 year old step son's you football team.  


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